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Hello, My name is Julian M.  In 2009 was the year of my discovery that i was diabetic, and that my liver was showing signs of trouble, according to Florida Dunedin Hospital.  In 2012  of june at St Pete General Hospital  in sajnt Petersburg Florida. I was informed that i had about one year to live, after asking about the worst case scenario because of my liver failing day by day. My Doctor informed me  that i need to make arrangements with family.That same year and same hospital informed me that my Liver Numbers was getting worse, and i had if i was lucky maybe 6 Months to live. In August, I remember flying to New York City in 2013 of June at Columbia Pres, Liver transplant Hospital, Head liver PhD Doctor" GAVE ME TWO WEEKS TO LIVE." Read about my true story of the POWER OF PRAYER,  On Barnes and Noble Website or Amazon Books," Website, Called"  Into the Exit and Test of Time. By Julian Melendez

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A letter to the White House, 17 of January, 2018 (pdf)


Romans:12-2 Revolution on the Renewal of The Mind and soul

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This inspirational website is based on, The Holy Bible; King James Version

Self Reflection Ministries INC is,

Dedicated to help the Sick , with free inspirational literature and moral support.

 struggling single parents in Need with small children, by  providing free Literature, Bible base of Good Godley seeds of  Healthy Thoughts to help create a Healthy Happy mindset for the Children And to assist with needed items. 

When it comes to the natural Laws of life's Growth, I've learned that, The purpose of life is Spiritual, mental, and physical growth in order to find TRUE Happiness within. It's a Balance Game.

 The greatest responsibility entrusted to us is that of developing our selves in order to better cope with everyday challenges. 

We are born to grow. And we can grow by keeping ourselves in vital communion with the world within us and without. Let each of us become all that he and she was created  and capable of being.

Life contains far more than power, wealth, and fame." AN ACORN IS NOT AN OAK TREE WHEN IT IS SPROUTED, it must go through long summers and fierce winters; it has to endure all that frost and snow and side  striking winds can bring before it is a full grown oak. These are rough teachers; but rugged school-masters make rugged pupils. SO A MAN IS NOT A MAN WHEN HE IS CREATED, HE HAS ONLY BEGUN, HIS MANHOOD  MUST COME FROM YEARS," says Henry Ward Beecher.

 Roman's Chapter 12: Verse, 2. " Do not be conformed to this world,: but be Transformed by the renewal of the mind, that you may prove and understand what is that's good and acceptable, and perfect will of God. "

Philipians Chapter  2:Verse 5, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus;

john 14:1,Let your heart not be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 

This was my source of survival when I was Boldly tolled, by a Top Liver Specialist in New York City, That I only had  "TWO WEEKS TO LIVE"  A Top Liver Specialist in New York, City in 2013 of July. 

The education and the application of the Repeated practice of the renewal of the mind for moral and spiritual support,  is what helped  me to maintain control of my reaction, and," NOT PANIC," when I was given notice of my two weeks to live. Try that on for size, What would you do?, How would you reacted?, Most of us would turn to God, That's what I chose to do and i did.

 Our higher power is there for those who Believe in his Word and Promises. I surrendered and made a Promise to give back if I was Given a Second Chance, AND HE DID. AMEN AND CAME THRU FOR ME. With Three Organs within days of DYING.The first Liver was not a match. The second Liver and kidney, perfect match. You can read on it  and see photos of before and after, on Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble's Website, Titled ,Into the Exit and test of time. by julian Melendez.


 The Natural Law of time , if anything has taught me that , TIME IS THE ONLY SURE TEST OF ANYTHING. It is not only the severest critic of all, it is the only accurate critic. 

You cannot judge the value of this  or that on the spur of the moment, for only time can determine that. TIME WILL HONOR YOU FOR WHAT TOU ARE. The year of a man's birth is marked in the calender But, THE CALENDER FAILS TO TELL US HOW MANY YEARS WE HAVE TRULY LIVED. One really lives in terms of desire and passion, joy and sorrow, vision and prayer. 

WE MUST DO OUR BEST TO LEAVE THE WORLD A LITTLE BETTER THAN IT IS. Time steals the strength  from a man's muscles and the youthful beauty from a woman's face. Time robs us of our health and strips us at last of everything we have. SO TIME INDEED IS A SACRED GIFT, FROM OUR CREATOR, AND EACH DAY IS A LITTLE LIFE.


Luke, Chapter,18,-Verse 27, And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

Luke, Chapter,11,Verse:9, And I say unto you, ask, and it shall be given to you, ; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.


Are you in control of your trane of thoughts? Would you like to improve that power we all have available to tap into within us when needed? It's Doable, "IT WORKED FOR ME". We have to educate ourselves with Gods word thru faith, Prayer, Hope and a positive attitude along with the Renewal of the Mind, All Possible, Thru Christ Jesus who said in Mark: Chapter 10, verse 27, " And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is impossible, but not with our creator that's in heaven, for with god all things are possible.

Luke: Chapter, 18, verse 27,"  And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

Luke: Chapter I, verse 37," For with God nothing shall be impossible."

It worked for me, maybe it will Work for Others, to share hope for those in need, who are willing to believe with Faith and hope, with a positive attitude. To work on Self improvement, thru Self Awareness, For Self correction of BAD HABITS, With the help of our higher power, We can get it done thru," THE POWER OF PRAYER."

Or would you Rather Panic?. when challenges comes your way. Trust me , I KNOW, its a waiste of time to panic, 

  I remembered, That When I became extremely ill, That the Mind Controls the body. When we learn to control our thoughts, life becomes more Simpler with much more Clarity to better cope with everyday's Challenges. We can we must learn to control our thoughts and speak Intelligently to our selves in our heads, as we do anyway, in which we all have the Control to do so willingly. This website will provide good inspirational seeds for thoughts, Feed the body, feed the mind, feed the soul, Effects will be a happier balanced Life.

Things do not just happen, as many people think, When life happens to us, When those Challenges come to pass in our lives', They are the results of our thoughts, actions, and deeds. 

If we make mistakes in life we will pay the price. You see we are the pilot's of our own destiny. 

Things which we allow to lodge in our hearts and in our lives, Positive or Negative, food for thoughts from "OTHERS" are the SEED, and the SEED will mature  a harvest according to the law of "LIKE PRODUCES LIKE". 

The law of life is . .  All seeds will mature a harvest according to type. When one chooses to think Positive in life, we attract positive results, when one chooses to think negative, we will attract negative results. "THAT'S THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT., ACTION AND REACTION. 

 We will reap what we sow, "SO REAP GOOD DEEDS," Galatians,6:verse,7, Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 

"The Law of choice". The power to choose is what makes each one of us an individual, a God given right; and our choices determine what happens to us. Our choices Becomes the Cause, The Rewards or Consequence's are The Effects of our daily life's choices.

More on this Law on the segment later,. Now on the law of Choice. ( I CHOSE LOVE,NOT HATE.) ( I CHOSE HAPPINESS NOT MISERY ). The right to choose in America represents freedom for everyone that is given the power of choice. We live by making choices. CHOICE, NOT CHANCE , DETERMINES HUMAN DESTINY. 

The Law of Cause and Effect works together with the Law of Choice, "The Law of Thought," along with the other segments that we will cover on our website as is being updated every week.. 47 segments total, Bible Based. It will provide more simplicity and clarity for our successes in life using our Creators wisdom for guidance .

When we  plant apple seeds, we will harvest a crop of apples. When a parent teaches their children to hate, the seed is planted in the child's mind, and the repetition of those seeds of negative thought's reaching the child's, Mind and Heart, Will become Dangerous for that Child's future' and Happinesss if not corrected.

 By feeding Negative food for thought's, it will only bring Negative Results, Destruction to the child, themselves and society. Causing Negative results to society. " (  THIS IS WHY THE WORLD IS SO SICK," ) CAUSE AND EFFECT, ACTION AND REACTION.

 Negative Seeds of thought's Can and will create scares for life. it's ungodly."( When we should be feeding God given positive food for thoughts of love and affection to our children that can only help them when dealing with life, We owe it to our Loving children and to ourselves to do the correct things in life.)." 

Instead the child will grow to hate if not taught the Good True  Spiritual Values of life. We must maintain the proper balance of all three realms, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual in order to live at our best. It's a Balance Game that takes time and determination, it takes Work, and determination. Easier said than Done, but it's Doable. 

THE QUALITY OF LIFE is more important than life itself. 

Here are Ten qualities that's very important and should be developed by every human being are: ATTITUDE, HABITS, COURAGE, FAITH, CLEAR THINKING, SELF- CONTROL, FAIRNESS, FIDELITY, INTEGRITY,  AND HOPE. ( WISDOM IS THE FACULTY OF KNOWING WHAT WILL BE THE EFFECT OF A CAUSE. Those of us who are wiser or more farsighted could foresee the effects we witness today from causes we might have tried to prevent. It is the knowledge of the effect of cause that inspires men to write good and instructive books. to develop a better philosophy, or even to erect an historical monument," Wrote Alfred Montapert." They know that every good thoughts and good deeds of others, will have its beneficial effect upon the minds of future generations. 

The negative effect of the cause of a bad Seed will harvest in their minds and hearts causing misery for the child when they become adults. The effect of Hate is Misery and Anger. " BAD FOR THE HEART. " 

The Cause is the implanted Seed of Hate that can creep up from other sources if not careful in one's mind. Whether it's a child or an adult. We must stay alert.  

Those that Cause pain and hate towards others thru out their life at heart, robs those victims of a Happy, Joyful LIFE. 

So let's treat our children with respect and Feed them positive thoughts that will Create  positive results.  

Lets learn from others mistakes. Less Stress in the future for those parents with small innocent, humble children.

If not,  it can become a habit of repetition forcing them to Live a miserable Life.

 Replacing any bad Habit's will Change your outcome in life, being that 98% of what we do is a habit. 

However the correction and the replacement of those Negative Seeds of those negative thoughts in our daily live's is doable and needed in order to reap the results we desire in life Thru the Natural Laws of Change and the Natural Laws of Habit, We can do it together to help achieve Happiness and peace within. 

On the other hand  when a parent teaches a child to love, the world becomes a better place to live. To  Enjoy life just like our creator intended it to be for us ALL. 

The child grows to love themselves and others. 

By reading and learning the good set of God Given Christian values that are in the Bible, those seeds of Good happy thoughts of Good Values and spiritual wisdom will mature a harvest a crop of love to share with EVERYONE with compassion and understanding just like when we harvest a crop of apples or Oranges.


The child at Heart will grow like a shining light filled with happiness and compassion, for themselves, for GOD and toward others." WISDOM IS THE FACULTY OF KNOWING WHAT WILL BE THE EFFECT OF A CAUSE". 

When we get fired , there is a Cause, 

when we get Hired, there is a cause. When we get demoted or promoted, there is a cause. 

There could never be an effect with out a Cause. That's the law that cannot be broken, if anything it will break us if we go against it. To disregard this law is as stupid as it would be to step off the roof of a forty-story building with the cynical remark, " The hell with the law of gravitation." Or to plant sunflower seeds and confidently expect a crop of potatoes. The Law of life is "EVERY SEED MUST REPRODUCE ACCORDING TO TYPE."

That's the Universal law that was put in place by our creator in which applies to every living creature on this Planet and the Universe, just like the Law of Gravity. IT IS THE ETERNAL LAW OF NATURE THAT THERE CAN BE NO EFFECT WITHOUT A CAUSE.

To eliminate the unwanted effect's in our lives', we must remove the cause. Things do not come neatly labeled" cause" and "effect," we have to decide for ourselves where to pin the labels. the answers are spelled out in this website. Remember this, that ALMOST EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU , WAS INITIATED BY YOU, I know, a hard pill to swallow.. it was hard for me also, However its worth more the exploration of ourselves than we can ever imagine. 

 the Law of cause and effect can work with us or against us depending on our choices in LIFE.


When we  plant apple seeds, we will harvest a crop of apples. When a parent teaches their children to hate, the seed is planted in the child's mind, and the repetition of those seeds of negative thought's reaching the child's, Mind and Heart, By feeding Negative food for thought's, will only bring Destruction to themselves and society. Causing Negative results to society.


That will scare them for life, is ungodly."( When we should be feeding God given food for thoughts to our children )". Instead the child will grow to hate. 

The Effect of the cause will harvest in their mind and heart causing misery for the child when they become adults. Causing pain and hate towards others thru out their life at heart .And  becomes a habit of repetition of habit forcing them to Live a miserable Life. 

Change the Habit and Change the Effects Thru the Law of Habit. 

So when a parent teaches a child to love, The world becomes a better place to live. The child grows to love themselves and others. By learning the natural laws of our creator by reading and learning the good set of God Given Christian values that are in the Bible, those seeds of Good happy thoughts of Good Values and spiritual wisdom will mature a harvest a crop of love to share with EVERYONE with compassion and understanding. 

The child at Heart will grow like a shining light filled with happiness and compassion, Ready to Harvest Good fruits , To share and Serve Good Fruits, for their families, themselves, for GOD and toward OTHERS in NEED." WISDOM IS THE FACULTY OF KNOWING WHAT WILL BE THE EFFECT OF A CAUSE".

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This Website is Free for everyone to view. it's not about money, It's about Inspiration PossitiveThought's for everyday living., Inspiration from others to share with the public.

 As you explore this website, you will begin an exciting and  inspirational adventure into new realms of self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.


And the knowledge on how to protect yourself from pirates in suits in your Personal and business working world of survival. By exploring the basic laws of man's nature and his world.


In the 47 Natural LAWS OF LIFE, Is the Philosophy and Psychology for Successful Everyday Living. 

These basic Laws of man's nature reveal the principles that determine the quality of each man's life and give the answers to the most important questions of life. 

The most important questions in life-the vital questions you have asked yourself. Am I getting the most out of life? What can I contribute? What changes will make my life worthwhile? How can I increase the quality and enjoyment of my life? 

The 47 Natural LAWS OF LIFE are the essential, unchanging properties of every man, and woman, woven into the web of our being, into our tissues, our nerve cells, our very bloodstream. Invisible and too often unacknowledged, they are as real as electricity, as explosive a force as the atom bomb.

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These Amazing Segments  soon to be posted of the 47 natural laws of life are tools for the business of living a happy, joyful, successful life, when dealing with everyday challenges and issues, No matter what's comes your way. Just as Our Creator and savior Promised us in his word, in order to find peace in our daily life events. And to help us face the challenges we face in our daily lives, 

We must learn to trust in our Creator, and trust in his word and his promises. This amazing power of nature is understood and used by very few.

 A mastery of them can change your life. 

Spiritual Wealth is much more valuable than Material wealth, Why? Because spiritual wealth is Eternal, and the good fruits and your memories of your Deeds, ON THIS EARTH, is what We Take with us when our body Die's., when our clock of time runs out, our probational period is over.


On the other hand, material Wealth is Temporary and loaned, Why? Because we can't take it with us. Spiritual Wealth is Created thru Self Reflection, Self Awareness, Self Examination, Self Adjustments, Self Corrections of Habits. 

To help build Good Godly character and Good Core Values back in our lives' to be proud of, that's what missing in this world, that's  why the world is so Sick, with all of the violence and pain towards others.

 Let us learn From the Prince of peace, Jesus Christ, thru the Renewal of the mind, Romans:12 Verse 2, 

These Natural Laws for better Living As we learn to apply them will help us take control of our inner peace by applying the proper seeds to harvest good Fruits to help ease your Daily pain. 

To help educate more of one self to get to know you better, on your own personal Time alone in private for personal growth., to get to know you better thru personal awareness, with the power of Prayer will get us closer to the Cause of our Existence ( OUR CREATOR. all things are possible . 

So by slowly helping us  understand our inner Spiritual power,  We can better understand the EFFECT OF A CAUSE of our everyday Challenges.  We can prosper  by making Painful corrections to our Habits, being that 98% of what we do is a habit, changes must take place to help achieve our goals. as god promised to us, "John 14:27, Peace I leave with you, my peace I give onto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 


Your world will begin to expand,  Things will start to happen in your life. Problems and struggles that seemed insurmountable will melt away. You will discover how to harness  nature's own forces and put them to work to achieve your every goal. THE  NATURAL LAWS OF LIFE, THE UNSEEN FORCES THAT MAKE OR BREAK EVERY MAN. 

Human nature is governed by Natural Laws that God Created. and has nothing to do with the Laws of the Physical universe, only the  unbreakable Laws of the Spiritual universe, when obeyed will  guarantee the best life. Effects that will bring Joy and contentment in heart.. SOON TO BE POSTED. 

 From the Author of  "INTO THE EXIT AND TEST OF TIME" By Julian melendez,


A True Survival Story, offered at Amazon Books, and Barns and Noble Websites for positive Daily inspiration Food for Thoughts.


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